Worker Card/Arena Rules


We all know it takes many hands to make a show run efficiently and most importantly, safely. Every rider should want to contribute to the running of a show and there are many ways to help. Please read below for some ideas and some rules.
In order to have your show points count towards year end prizes, you must turn in a fully punched worker card by the end of each show day with your name and age division filled out.

  • You will receive 1 punch per Age Group per Event. You may earn additional punches for arena set-up, event set-up, arena tear down, judging, timing, scooping poop from roadway, picking up trash, sweeping etc.  

  • Get your worker card from the Card Puncher, in the arena. Make your presence known!
  • All riders are required to earn their worker points themselves, parents are no longer permitted to work for their children’s worker points. We also encourage non-riders to help out in the arena. It not only makes the ground safer for the riders but also has a firming effect on your thighs!
  • All arena rakers and stompers are to position themselves in the corners of the arena, away from the judges. For safety, always face the horses, be alert to what is going on and be respectful to the riders through your demeanor in the arena.
  • No talking to the Judges. If you want to dispute a call, you must contact one of the Rules Committee members and follow protocol.
  • No dogs are allowed in the arena or in the office. (Certified Service Dogs excepted) All dogs on the fairgrounds must be leashed.

Thank you for helping make this a great club!

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