Our club is run completely by its members. Are you a member? Wanting to know how you can help? Here is a list of committees and descriptions, if one jumps out at you please contact one of the board members so we can get you signed up! 

We will continue to post committee updates on this page so make sure to check it every once in a while

Prize Committee:  Like looking at tack websites and oggling new horse items?  Then prize committee is for you!  Responsible for picking out and ordering prizes for O-Mok-See as well as year end.  (Works closely with the Treasurer) Responsible for handing out prizes at shows and parties.

Royalty:  See the kiddos running the flags for the National Anthem? Have ideas to make it better?  Then Royalty Committee is for you! Responsible for royalty sign ups and royalty race for the year.  At each show you bring down flags from announcers booth and get them to the reigning royalty for the National Anthem.

Fundraising:  Worried about the club funds?  Want to see bigger better prizes?  Love our year end party?  Then Fundraising Committee is for you!  Responsible for club fundraisers for our parties and fun club activities. Not limited to but can include clinics, silent auctions, 50/50 raffles.

Equipment/Arena:  Always in the arena setting up?  Like knowing the equipment is safe and ready for you when you run?  Then Equipment / Arena Committee is for you!  Responsible for keeping track of club equipment, as well as making sure equipment is ready for shows.  At shows you are responsible for coordinating people to move equipment to and from arena as well as being set up for each event. ( you are not solely responsible but you are responsible for getting an arena crew to help you) .

Parties:  Love partying with you fellow WWGA members?  Have ideas for great party games?  Excited to see how you placed?  Then Parties Committee is for you! Responsible for planning parties

Announcers:  Like to hear your own voice?  Like to keep the show running?  Think having sweet music to compete too?  Then Announcers committee is for you!  The announcers are crucial to the show they keep the show running!  Announcer Committee is responsible for scheduling announcers for shows.

Timers: Want to make sure your times are correct?  Want to make sure you get every possible point?  Then Timers Committee is for you!  Timers are responsible for writing down all times and keeping track of all DQs.  Timers Committee is responsible for scheduling timers for all events for all show.  Absolutely no cell phones while being a timer.

Advertising:  Like talking about WWGA and how much fun it is?  Then Advertising Committee is for you!  Responsible for getting WWGAs name out there for new potential gamers to come join us!!

O-Mok-See:  Have fun every year at O-MOK-SEE?  Have ideas to make it even better?  Then O-Mok-See Committee is for you! Responsible for organizing and running O-Mok-See!  Works closely with Treasurer and Secretary!

Judges:  Want to make sure your judge is watching?  Like to know that your judge knows the rules?  Then Judges committee is for you!  Judges committee is responsible for scheduling judges for every lane at the shows! Absolutely no cell phones while judging. 

Events: Not happy running Tomahawk?  Want to see more 1/2 Eight?  Then Events Committee is for you.  You help select the events for every show.

Training Tickets:  Want to bomb Proof your horse and put more time on them?  Then Training Ticket Committee is for you. Training Committee is responsible for collecting tickets from the trainers as they enter the arena.  They are also responsible for keeping the trainers on track and moving through the arena.

 Sign Up Booth -The sign up booth generally arrives at 8 am.  They set up one table for sign up /membership forms and one table for contestants to pay.  The Secretary will have clipboards with all the forms and the Treasurer will have the cash box ready for you.  You will collect forms and money from contestants.  A quick run through to check for mistakes and a runner will frequently run forms upstairs for you.  Once the show starts, usually 10 am, you will take the cash box, remaining forms and other supplies upstairs and put the tables away and you are done for the day  

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